Show Me The Ministry

Show Me the Ministry

What has been going on at Longfields in the last little while?                    
Well I am glad you asked because there are a lot of exciting and deeply impacting things happening to and through the people who are the church called Longfields.  Here’s just a taste. 

We continue to meet weekly at our temporary home at 4010 Strandherd where all are welcome and challenged to live out Jesus’ Mission Vision and Values and invited to enter into the community of the church.  All the while our great site development team is working hard on our future building plans.

The ministry spans from young to older with our Christian education department intentionally teaching our kids all about the Ten  Commandments.   The kids in turn have returned the favour and been challenging their family and friends to keep all ten too.  In one case an aunt was reminded that even a “little white lie” about a certain Easter Rabbit is bearing false witness.  We continue to reach out to our oldest with a monthly service and visitation ministry at the Court at Barrhaven. 

The ministry of Longfields goes way beyond Sundays when our members live out their faith wherever they are.  A thriving marketplace group is being spear-headed by Al at his workplace and people are truly encouraged in their faith as they meet together.  We helped one lady find a safe and stable place to live this month and moved her in which I think  is something that is on God’s heart for us to do.  I had a chance to lead a chapel at Ottawa Christian School where I taught the kids and staff what Jesus had to say about bullying.  The Call to Prayer ministry continues to be fruitful with many answers to prayer realized recently.  And we continue to prayer walk all over Barrhaven which can only increase the impact of the church.   

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.1Corinthians 9:11